Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do You Own A Business Or A Job?

If you find yourself working endless hours and dealing with every little detail in your business, you don’t own a business, you own a job!

There is a passage in Alice in Wonderland where Alice reaches a fork in
the road. She is unfamiliar with the territory and a big, smiling Cheshire’s cat is nearby. She asks the cat, "Which road do I take?" and the cat inquires, "Where do you want to go?” Alice says, "I don't know" and the Cat replies, "Then take either road."

You see. Life is full of choices, choices that we make along the way, and if you don’t know what you want and make the right choices to achieve it, you never get to where you want to go with your life.

            For many owners of construction businesses, building a business that works for them is an almost unobtainable task. They mire in their profound efforts of micro-managing minuscule tasks and completing ignoring what has to be done in order to achieve the Big Picture and bring certainty to uncertainty. In short, they are majoring in the complexity of simplicity!

            For just one second, I want you to dwell on why you started your own construction in the first place.

            With all due certainty, you absolutely must have wanted to improve upon your lifestyle as well as money (for the record, wealthy people have their money safely tucked away in their bank accounts, while poor people have all the trappings that “small minded” people portray as examples of wealth and thus, are always chasing after the next paycheck to pay their bills, never having any “extra” money).

So, why do I say that lifestyle and money are the primary reasons for owning your own business? Because when you think of it, there are no other reasons that make the risk worth the undertaking.

That is why I am always saying, “It is more important to own a business that works for YOU!” This simple, yet astounding thought expresses the real meaning of achieving your goals.

The other side of the coin is this.

There are a lot of people who leap into owning their own construction business with no clue as to how to make it a viable business that works for them. They don’t bother to do their homework and end up trapped by their very own business that sucks the life out of them each and every day. In short, they didn’t plan to fail … they failed to plan to succeed.

Why A Good Business Model Is Necessary

Without a good business model to follow, you’ll get trapped into the day-to-day frustrating efforts that in reality will put you one or more steps backwards, not forward to reaching your goals.

This means that you must adapt an optimizing mindset. By adapting such a mindset you’ll spend more time working on your business, rather then in it. You’ll find the meaning and importance to achieving your goals of a better lifestyle and financial freedom.

The sad fact of it is this. Does your business model direct all of your efforts to achieving your main priorities for starting your business? I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t. Are you expanding your potential in all areas? I’m willing to bet you are not. Have you sincerely achieved your business model? Probably not.

To get started, I suggest you do the following:

1.    Determine the end result you want from your business.
2.    Check in your ego at the door, sweep your stubbornness under the carpet and open your mind to reality and come to terms with where you are right now.
3.    Come to terms with what you need to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
4.    Plan the steps you need to take to make it happen, optimizing every aspect of your business and business model.
5.    Get the help you need to help you achieve what it is you want to achieve.
6.    Commit to your plan and work it.
Achieving your goals is not doing the wrong things quicker. It’s doing the right things in the first place and developing a successful business model is the first most important step.

            If you would like to learn more about building a successful construction business that works for you, and get the help you need to accomplish that, check out our coaching at:

           The right time to start building yourself a better business is always, right now!

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