Thursday, August 15, 2013

This mistake is going to destroy your construction business!

As builders and owners of a construction business, there is one area where you may not only be leaving money on the table, but you may be losing it at an alarming rate. It's at a step in the process you may think you are doing right, but there's a 9 out of 10 chance that you are doing it completely wrong. It could cripple, even destroy, your business in the long run.

The fact is, you aren't calculating your markup properly, and it is killing your margins. It doesn't matter how good of a contractor you are, or how good your builders are - if you aren't properly marking up your work and the supplies it takes to fulfill the jobs, you are going to go broke. If you are making the mistake of assuming you are using the proper markup rates, it's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN.

Don't fall into the trap of underbidding your work either. Just landing jobs is not going to keep you afloat- in fact, if you aren't selective and honest with your bids, all of that work is just going to bring down your business faster. Builders must properly calculate their markups in order to have margins that cover overhead, your salary, and bring in profit. If you are not accounting for any one of these the right way, you are losing money on every single job.

The problem has been that there was no real, solid, easy to understand information out there to help builders figure out how to properly calculate their markups. All the information is either outdated, vague, or generic - none of which are going to help you with the real costs of your business.

Don't worry anymore, because finally, there is great news for contractors and builders! There's now a resource that will help you leverage the power of a "Reverse Equilibrium Budget" to help you quickly, easily, and properly calculate the real markup rates you need not only to stay afloat, but to profit, and expand.

This resource for builders is called the  Contractor's Markup Guide, and it going to change everything you ever thought about calculating your markups. The guide will show you, in simple terms, several areas where you are leaking money in your business. It covers everything from understanding a little know "Risk Factor" to designing, setting, and tracking an effective budget. The guide will clue you in to something that you are missing in your sales - and you will kick yourself for not knowing this one! - to the single most important element you are missing in calculating your markup correctly; The Contractor's Markup Guide is an in depth instruction that teaches you the ingenious "Reverse Equilibrium" method of markup calculation that will blow your mind - and blow your profits wide open!

The training is complimented by easy to follow and execute spreadsheets to help you quickly calculate the Equilibrium your budget needs, as well as a "Reality Check-in" tabulation sheet that will help you take a hard, honest look at what you've been doing in your business up until now. Packed with simple, 1-2-3 information and a whole slew of bonus tools to help you execute your new markup methods, the Contractor's Markup Guide is exactly what builders need to plug up the hole in their budget, and sail into a sea of success!