Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Forest Gump Secret to Success

On July fourth weekend, my wife and I visited Savannah, GA. We had a great weekend of sightseeing, walking around the city seeing the beautiful older buildings, monuments, and visiting the restaurants...
While there, we saw a man portraying Forest Gump in of the many squares in the city. He was sitting on a bench and played the part perfectly.
He even did a rendition of Forest Gump famous line; “Life is like a box of chocolates …”
Damn good imitator.
My wife took pictures, we laughed and enjoyed the moment.
Anyway, one of the things that struck me was that Forrest was successful whenever he followed the precise instructions he was given by people with more experience than him. He didn’t question the procedure; he just did it.
As entrepreneurs, we can sometimes be averse to listening to the advice of others. Hey, one of the reasons we went into business was so we could make our own decisions, right?
But, grasshopper, sometimes our ego gets in the way and it hurts us.
When I first started in my own construction business, I fell into the trap. The trap of thinking that me, working long, hard hours, doing everything, wearing all the hats, would make my business a success.
It was quick that I realized I was moving in the wrong direction, so I sought advice from experts.
 Mind you, we didn’t have the internet and finding an expert on building a successful construction business was non-existent, so I found experts in parts of this and parts of that. But, not the whole picture. Because … no one knew it.
That lead me to questioning how things worked and how the systems flow together on my own. That meant building the business system or process from scratch, ground up!
Believe me …
It’s a lot easier to start implementing a system AFTER you’ve been instructed by a real deal expert, than trying to invent it on your own. Kind of like re-inventing the wheel.
But, no one had it figured out then, so I had to use my knowledge and do it myself.
I’m not at all saying you should be a sheep and follow someone blindly. That’s not the right way.
You want to be a student, not a follower. But, as a student, you should follow the proven plan given to you. You need to learn it before you use it.
Seek the advice of those who are knowledgeable and experienced than you, listen, learn, and implement.
And …
… don’t be afraid to admit you need help and seek it out.

That’s the secret to success.
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