Tuesday, February 14, 2017

That clinking and clanging you're hearing might be the ball and chain your business has attached to your ankle

If your business has you chained by the ankle to it, making you a slave to the business, and missing out on the important things in life, maybe you need to get help?
And … If you've ever said to yourself, “There’s got to be an easier way to run a construction business,” then today is the day for you to know that you’re right – there is an easier way. It’s called: The Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program.
How does this sound to you?
· >> Increasing sales and profits
· >> Optimizing your business with a proven business model
· >> Implementing the systems and processes that empower your people to do a better job and make the work flow without you getting into it
· >> Organizing your business and the flow of responsibilities
· >> Having under your thumb at all times the financial stability of understanding your business metrics, all without the ball and chain weighing you down?
This is how this business-building program works.
The Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program is made up of three modules:
1. The Business Evaluation
2. The Knowledge Mastery
3. The Implementation
The Business Evaluation focuses on a series of questions and answers. It takes a focused look into your business to uncover those systems, processes, and procedures that are either not working, or not in place.
Beginning with a proper Business Evaluation is essential. Because it highlights the missing puzzle pieces that need to be put in their proper place. Important to know what to fix for immediate results.
Once the Business Evaluation is done, you move into the Knowledge Mastery.
Here we start learning the Business Metrics that drive your business. These metrics are the backbone to your construction business. It is critical to your businesses success that you understand your metrics.
Then we develop and set in place our strategic business plan.
The last prong is implementation. Keeping on-track and working everything that you've been taught. Having your feet held to the fire. This process develops the ‘habit’ by working with me on a weekly basis. You are NOT left on your own. I will take you through the steps, one-by-one. Plus, you have my four HUGE volumes of reference material to reinforce what we are working on.
The program that accomplishes that is the Golden Hard Hat Mentoring Program. Right now, the contractors in this group are $3 million to $10 million in sales.
What type of contractors? This business model works for all contractors. Part of the process is adapting it to fit your type of contracting business. 
The results? Well, if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. However, they are growing their business, sales, and profits.
And, best of all, members share what works and how it worked, thereby giving you many good business savvy minds feeding you great ideas.
Can you get in? This is a limited program. I only have so much time. However, I can accept three more participants.
What do you get? First, you will get my proprietary information. It weighs over 18 lbs. I’ve never been accused of holding anything back. But the good news is this. I will lead through the information. You won’t be left on your own. We also have a member’s web site which is full of downloads and training sessions. Plus, we talk by phone every week on Thursday at your designated time for up to one hour and you get unlimited email with me.
The cost? The cost is $25,000 and 10% of any additional profit I help you bring to your bottom-line. The renewal fee is $1,050 per month with the 10% of any added profit after the first year.
How does the added profit work? Easy, let's say last year you made $200,000 in Net Profit. This year working with me, we bring in $300,000 in Net Profit. The added profit is $100,000 X 10% added NP fee, $10,000.00 of it is paid to me. This gives me a vested interest in working with you and if this happens in your business, your return on investment is 15.7%. Not bad because you can't do that with your savings account.
Do you have a payment plan? Yes! $5000 down and 11 monthly payments of $2,013.
Is there an option for not paying the 10% on added profits? Yes, but the cost is slightly more.
When can I expect results? Most clients start to see results in a 6 to 9 month period. But that depends on you.
As you can see, this program accomplishes everything necessary to help you in your business. It is a proven business model.
Let me ask you this.
Which is quicker trying to do it without a proven method or having the proven method?
Let’s saw off that ball and chain that’s holding you down. Let’s get together and start building a construction business that works for you!
Click on the link below and let’s talk!

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