Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Can't Go Back!

Something about getting older, maybe it is because of time and experience.
Have you ever realize that you wish you could have done something differently?
Maybe ... better?
Unfortunately, you can't go back.
You see ...
Time only moves in one direction ... forward. So we can't go and correct our mistakes. We can only learn from them and correct what we doing as we go forward.
If you understand what I mean.
Then you realize that the time to correct things is now, not later.
Remember ...
You can't go back.
I can absolutely guarantee you that this principle applies to your business as well.
So the question is?
Could you sharpen your business knowledge and skills?
Or ...
Sharpen existing ones?
Use a mentor to help you?
Take your business to a higher level?
All good reasons. Don't you agree?
From my experience as a coach and mentor working with hundreds of contractors, the answer is yes.
The only ones I've never been ale to help are those that stubbornly refuse to get help, and those who won't follow my directions.
So the next question is ...
Are you astute enough to realize that you could benefit from some help, or so stubborn that you refuse to get it, and later wish you had?
You'll never know until you reach out for it.

Speaking of reaching out.

If you would like to talk and discover how I can help you and your business, you can set up a phone conversation by clicking here!

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