Thursday, February 12, 2015

Why People Won’t Buy From You

Have you ever gone through a sales presentation thinking this is really best for the customer, and then they do not buy?

You can’t force anyone to buy your services. However, you can take action to avoid the reasons they play out in their head for not making the purchase. Hopefully, by doing this, you’ll encourage them to buy instead.

Today, people are wrapped up in themselves and their daily lives. They are often too busy to stand back and analyze what is best for them. They will make time for what is important to them, but not necessarily what is important for them. Instead, they conjure up all kinds of excuses for not doing it. 

To remove them from this vicious circle of no, show them how your product or service will truly benefit them, all while touching their emotional touchstone.

Understand that everyone buys for emotional reasons. These emotional buying triggers are:

They need something
They want something
They desire something
They have a problem they want solved

No one likes to be sold. This is even true for you. However, everyone likes to buy. Any form of steering them away from being sold to the enjoyment of buying can also speed your closing along the way.


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Other people have a fear of buying. What if it is a mistake? This is where your testimonials and credibility plays an important factor. Find a shortcut from the doubt to the benefits that they will enjoy after they made the purchase. Show them how you’ll eliminate their perceived doubts, step-by-step.

Others may not understand what they are purchasing.

Provide as much information on the product benefits since the average person can emotionally tie to benefits over technical specifications. I've seen contractors go deep into technical specifications and jargon completely losing their clients attention. You are trying to sell the value, or as famously said, the sizzle, not the steak.

Still others are focused on price. It is true everyone wants the best price. It is also true that there are some people who will be never satisfied with whatever low price they get. I’m not a fan of being the low price. Instead, price out what it will take to give them what you promised with a reasonable profit. 

Realize this.

When your customer is focused on a lower price one of two things is taking place.

1. The person just wants cheap and most likely will be a problem for you if you drop your price.
2. You have failed to touch their emotional buying so they are resorting to logic which is price.

If you can't get them focused off of price remember Kenny Roger's song the Gambler; "

"You've got to know when to hold em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away."

Learn to ask questions that will help you uncover their emotional buying trigger that they are using, then adjust your sales process to satisfying that trigger. You’ll close more deals at your pricing and a lot faster.

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