Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Common Traits of Successful People

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to be successful?

Most people have a false belief of what success really is, and how you attain it.

Some think it is the price tag of the car you drive, the size of the house you live in, the family you were born into, the school you attended, or just the mere perception you may have more than them.

However, when you take a true look inside what success is, you see a different set of values.

Successful people see things differently for one thing. One may see a problem and develop a solution to fix the problem, where others are just fixated on the problem, or blame others.

Successful people may see a run-down part of town where hopelessness, poverty, crime and despair reign, and find a way to build it up so it can prosper. Others are content to wallow in their meager existence.

Successful people have their eyes constantly scanning for opportunities, while others are focusing only on mediocrity.

Successful people sharpen their skills with passion in order to do their best in their endeavors, while others passionately find excuses for doing nothing.

Successful people consistently view the future in the present tense, while others always look back in the past.

Successful people don’t wait for success to come to them, instead they relentlessly chase after it. Most people quit too early and never give success a chance to develop.

Another trait that is prevalent among successful people is courage. They nurture the courage to keep up the effort, the courage to be creative,  the courage to go against the group, the courage to get moving, and the courage to go it alone.

Successful people realize what the real value is of creating advantage and opportunity.

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