Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's Not Your Fault

Do you remember when you first started dreaming about owning your construction business?

I remember my own early days. From high school, I always wanted to be a contractor, just like my Dad. I did all the right things, went to college, worked out in the field, and put in the endless hours mastering my construction skills. I'm sure you did the same.

Then, I started my business, just like you probably did, thinking I possessed all the skills; I need to become a success.

Hang in here with me while I explain something that has an immense impact on you and your contracting business.

Somewhere in the beginning, an idea started to evolve within us. One grew in size and desire to own our business. That idea felt great and seemed in itself destined for success.
Not that this idea of owning our construction business was perfectly aligned and flawlessly synchronized with the proper business intellect driving it. That didn't matter at the time, our long hours driven by our dream was all that counted.

I'm certain that just like me. You have experienced the starts and stalls, static periods, frustrations with employees, clients and unsatisfactory results, and times when your dream appeared bigger and better than your business.

The problem only gets worse when we think we need to accept it as part of doing business. Which is false.

It's an imbalance just like the love as a parent sometimes eclipses the skills as a dad. No one properly prepares us, and no owner’s manual exists.

Fortunately, for me, my early warning system warned me that what felt solace was really a prelude to complacency. I was accepting something that was always going to be lesser than I desired until I took action to change it.

No construction business has ever grown over time by accepting complacency. When business skills and their executions are in harmony, nothing moves forward since neither has to catch up to the other. Stagnation settles in.

However, back in the seventies, there was little help available who were skilled in the knowledge of owning and operating a successful construction company. So I had to dig deep.

Everyone needs a guiding light!

You see. Success is ALWAYS out in front of us. It is there, ready for us to catch up to it. Even in a down economy, success exists, all around us. It lies in waiting for those prepared to catch it.

As you move through life, nurturing a family, and building a business, you face the option of doing what comes naturally or ---and this  BIG or ---driving yourself to achieve a higher standard. Pursuing relentless improvement. Continuously assessing every aspect of what you do and how you do it with the determination to raise the bar.

The passive amongst us are "comfortable within their own skin," but the truly successful reject this, shedding their skin as they grow towards the new and continuously more effective embodiment of themselves.

Athletes know this. Even with natural athletic skills, they still require a coach to perfect their performance. Jimmy Connors required a coach to help improve his swing. Tiger Woods the same for his putt. They couldn't do it alone because they were not equipped with the all skills, and they recognized this one determining fact. Without help, success alluded to them easily.

There is a powerful dynamic at work here. Anyone who has achieved success knows it. Rather than accept who or what you are as the finished product frozen in place by time or genetics, you can get help to take you to a higher level.

Anytime you can learn from anyone, anywhere, seize the opportunity. This isn't idle talk. It is the fundamental core of the risk and reward equation that alludes to many. However, only a small number  listen to it.

Don't allow this holding pattern to obstruct your fulfillment of your original dream. Instead, realize that it is not your fault; rather it is something you can overcome. However, see it as a natural process that you can perfect with a little help from the right source. Chalk it up to a B-school education, if you want. It doesn't matter, as long as you do something about it. That is the key. Just don't allow yourself to become comfortable or worse yet, complacent.

There will be no business, no turnaround, no growth, no success, and no change, if you close your eyes to the problem.

That's where I come in. That's where my business coaching can help. It will enhance your skills, improve your business, your philosophy, expertise, methodology, and give you someone to help you create new and innovative ideas for you and your business.

I'm announcing the opening of a new website, focusing on coaching contractors. In the last three-months, I've had great results with those willing to do something. If you're one of these take-charge personalities, not afraid to seek help, please check out e site at:


Check it out, the future is yours, seize it!

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