Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Squash Your Fears and Worries!

Two of the greatest executioners of success and achievement is worry and fear. Both work together in retarding your progress and creating inaction just when action is really needed. You are not born with fear. It is instilled into your very being by those you love the most. They teach you fear out of their concern for your safety. How often have you been told not to do something, or else it will hurt you?

When you were little, did you ever have your Mom tell you not to run out into the street because you might get hit by a car? The truth is, lots of people run, walk or whatever into the street and never get hit by anything! Instead, your Mom out of love for you instilled fear into your being in order to protect you.

Our Moms, as well as others, meant to teach us caution and good common sense, but instead instilled fear. Caution is a mental process; while fear is a destructive emotion.

Fear is also extremely dangerous because it produces a 'reaction' of automatic avoidance. By enacting 'avoidance' we sabotage our dreams and goals. We inadvertently avoid achieving them. Fear creates a brick wall between you and your destinations. To achieve your goals and dreams, there is no doubt that you will continuously face the things you fear. This gives you a choice. Give up on your goals and dreams, and settle for mediocrity, or face your fear.

In everything, you do, business or personal. You must always sail in uncharted waters, doing things you may have not done before. The longer you hold onto your fear, the more likely it is that you will never reach your destination. You'll find yourself taking the longest route possible, missing opportunities just so you can avoid your fears.

Worry involves the concern about the outcome of future events that have not occurred, and may never occur. It is a mental, negative and destructive energy working in our minds. It is highly focused and a projection or conjuring into the here say of an unknown future event or prophecy. Since your only point of power is in the present, worrying renders you useless because it perpetuates inaction. Since only action produces results, worrying produces inaction, which doesn't produce, create or change a thing.

This means two things. Worry can happen at any time, and even for something that may never happen, since it is always about an unknown future potential or possible outcome. Worry is the process of creating potential negative outcomes. Worry creates nothing, decides nothing, and accomplishes nothing. Worrying is crippling because it projects your mind into an imagined negative future where your imagination is allowed to run away from your reality. To eliminate worry, focus your attention on something in the present moment, something positive going on right now. When you focus on something positive, there is no room left in your mind for worry of any negativity.

Fear, unlike worry, is an event-triggered emotion, and this makes it even more crippling. Fear happens when you are faced with a set of circumstances in which you are both directly and currently involved. If you've ever attended one of my seminars, you have often heard me speak about being frozen in your tracks like a deer on a country road at night looking into your headlamps.  Fear does not happen unless you are in the proximity of the circumstances you fear, and since you will always be confronted with something that creates a fear for you, confronting the fear head on is the only solution of dealing with the fear.

To succeed in reaching your dreams and goals in the shortest time, to overcome your business and personal setbacks, you must be willing to constantly and consistently confront the things you fear. By confronting what you fear, fear begins to lose its control over you.

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