Friday, January 14, 2011

Two 'Things" You Need to Know About Your Customers

"Henry, this has been my best year yet!" the conversation went, "as a matter of fact, I'm stepping up my marketing to make 2011 even better!"

Good news to hear from a contractor doing his work here in the Sarasota area, most certainly an area hard-hit by this down economy.

How is he doing it?

Simple, by focusing on what emotions and emotional drivers his prospective customer is using.

First, you must understand that everyone buys from emotion. Those emotions are want, need, desire and/or looking for a solution to their problem.

However, it is even more important to understand what is driving that emotion. There are two emotional drivers, necessity and narcissism.

Let me explain.

If a person's home burnt down, it would have to be re-built so they would have a place to live, that is a need and re-building it is a necessity. The emotions would be need and seeking a solution for their problem by the driver of neccessity, a place to live.

If a person was making more money and wanted to express their new found business success by owning a bigger, newer home so they could impress their family and colleagues with their new found success and status symbol, their emotions would be of want and desire driven by their narcissism.

As you can see, each is using an emotion but they are driven by a different driver, which brings a different perspective.

In order to execute a great marketing and selling program it is important not only what emotions the prospective customers are using to buy, but what driver is motivating that emotion.

I'll touch deeper into this in March at the SUPER Business-Building Conference for Contractors.

Meanwhile . . .

Good marketing!

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