Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America Has Spoken; Now Let’s Get Back to Work!

Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of speaking across this great country to thousands of contractors. No matter where I spoke, I couldn’t help but notice one thing was missing. That missing element was confidence. Confidence in their government and the direction the country was heading.

Certainly times have been tough. People have suffered; businesses and wealth have been lost. The election of 2008 spoke of Hope and Change. Americans were looking for positive hope and change. Instead, it got lies, deceit and corruptible government that wanted to go in a completely opposite direction than it portrayed during the election.

The lesson that I hope all Americans have heard is this. Even when a mistake is made, we have the power to correct it on one day and one day only, voting day. We need as a country to get more engaged in what is going on in Washington. This is our government, it does not belong to those who wish to take control over us or impose on us ideologically views that we see as un-American.

However, now, the real work is ahead of us. We must re-build, re-direct and correct the course of the country. We need to fix the problems by getting Americans back to work. It will not happen overnight, but it can happen over time. Slowly, and methodically, but in an American way.

We will never do that by over-spending, over-taxing, bloating an already inefficient government and by allowing that government to inflict its will into our lives and businesses.

The greatness of this country is in its people. Its people who pioneer, invent, build businesses and go to work every day to be a part of our society.

The people, who are responsible, build strong families, instill values and live the principles of those who founded this great country and most important of all, accept the responsibility for their actions. They are this country’s greatest national asset.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a great gift, a government by the people, for the people and of the people. We spoke loudly on that this November 2nd. We can’t rest now. This is a pivotal time, but only a turning point. The public mind is engaged, and the eyes of the people are on Washington to see if their government will listen to them once again. We must seize the moment, or the moment will be lost, and so might our country.

It is our job now to make certain that our leader’s in Washington listen and follow the basic conservative principles that made this great country. We as the people need to make sure that they hear our voices. It is our job to keep them on-track and on-course.

We also need to get Americans back to work. We need to revive the American entrepreneurial spirit. It is the enterprising person who sees a scrap heap of metal and envisions a beautiful building. It is the enterprising person who drives through the worn down part of town and sees the opportunity in it as a thriving development.

It is the American, not the government that sees all of this.

We need to think “Made in America” once again. We need to see the best in ourselves. We need to find a way to bring our lost jobs back to America where they belong.

We need to eliminate that which prohibits our ability to be the best at what we are. We must see the future in our present. We must find ways to take advantage of the situation, to blaze the trail to success. We shouldn’t wait for opportunities to come to us. Instead, we must stay on course to reaching them. It is our creativity that will fuel our successes.

However, we must not only be creative, but we must also be courageous.

We must have the courage to stand tall, or to stand alone, we must have the courage to speak out and to be different, and courage to be the best. We must have the courage to see things differently, to go against the grain, and the courage to choose being active over inactive.

It all starts with us. It starts with our confidence level. If we have the confidence, we can muster the creativity and courage to act.

It starts with those of us who are skilled enough, brave enough, confident enough and disciplined enough to recognize the change and seize the opportunity to creating the jobs.

For you the business owner now is the time to learn, sharpen and master those skills. Now, more than ever, you will need them as we venture forward into the future.

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