Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Ultimate Betrayal

The liberal and progressive parasites are quietly destroying your American dream.

Beware! Life here in America as you know it, is in imminent danger!

Do you value the American way of life? If you do, you need to realize that slowly and methodically the rights and freedoms that made this country great are being taken away from you.

If you feel that you have certain God-given rights, given to you by our Founding Fathers over two centuries ago, understand that right now, in Washington, a powerful faction of self-centered politicians is undermining, in no uncertain terms, your rights, freedoms and pursuits of happiness.

The shackles and chains that are being forced upon us will stifle our dreams and aspirations and will be passed down to our children, grand-children and most likely, our great-grandchildren to burden them as well. They will never get to know or enjoy the real America as we have experienced in our lifetimes.

"Taxation without Representation," "A government for the people, by the people," and "Give me Liberty or give me death," were battle-cries from our Founder's past. They stood up, shoulder-to-shoulder to rid themselves of their present day tyranny that attempted to burden them with a monarchy that neither cared nor witnessed them as equals and most certainly, not as free men to choose their own destiny. Their blood was shed in the fields and the streets, for they valued their rights and freedoms for themselves, their children and children's children above all personal aspirations.

Today, we find the same underlying evil force masked not under the facade of a monarchy but that of liberal or progressivism, slowly and manipulatively believing that they are smarter than the people, above the people and better situated to decide what is best for us the people.

They strive to entangle us in a bigger government, to remove our alienable rights with debt, laws and restrictions. They cater to those that contribute nothing or even worse, create their own problems through greed and stupidity and do so under the pretense that they are needy. Such actions do nothing except remove the last straw of decency from a person.

You cannot reshape or redefine America. Its greatness was cast by our Founding Fathers with words that have served us well for over two centuries in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is not America that needs changing, it is not the Republic that needs changing nor is it our citizenship. It is the run-a-way government and it inept politicians that are concocting a witches' brew of change that will destroy our fundamental foundation as a democracy.

We the people want back our Republic, a Republic that was originally designed for the good of all men, not a select few. We want the political corruption, partisanship, lies, and favoritism to stop. We want the entitlements, handouts, and 'special' interest groups ended and we want our country put back on the right track to prosperity.

We want the laws and rules to apply to all citizens, regardless of political affiliation or standing. This Republic was founded as a government by, of, and for the people. It was not founded to serve the best interests of those who feed out of our trough of tax dollars, stuffing their own pockets with our hard-earned money, nor for those in Washington who fail to obey our tax laws, yet get nothing more than a slap on the wrist for doing so because their political party controls the rule of law. Nor was it established to bail out the interests of big corporations who are victims of their own greed and stupidity, while ignoring the needs of mainstream America.

We want fiscal responsibility, a balance-budget and the complete removal of the waste and want spending that presently exists from those in Washington. If we as the citizens of this great nation have to live within our means, so should our country and its leaders.

We do not want a "second Bill of Rights." We want our present day government and courts to adhere to the existing Bill of Rights, and we want the far-fetch, loose interpretations and meddling with our existing Bill of Rights to stop right now.

We want a fair tax code, not one that consists of loop-holes and misinformation, one so complicated even the agency responsible of administering it cannot properly define its purpose. We want a simple, flat-tax that allows all people and businesses of all categories and size to pay their tax according to their spending habits without the fear or burden of reprisal.

We want the political pitting of one group of Americans against another to stop. This serves only the wants of those who are trying to destroy our great nation.

We do not want socialism or tyranny. We want this Republic to properly herald its stature as the rightful leader and superpower of democracy, freedom and fairness in the world. We do not want to be brought down to the basement level of global citizenship with countries who violate their citizens of basic human rights, who cannot feed their poor because of their political turmoil and who demonstrate their hatred for a free democracy by denying their own people such freedoms.

We want this great Republic to serve as the beacon of truth to the world's nations, providing the bright shining light so that they can navigate towards it, bringing themselves up to the level of freedom and democracy that we have enjoyed for over 200 years.

To do this, we need a President, who respects our rights, freedoms and existing form of democracy, a President and Congress that adheres to the Founding Father's proclamation to "to provide for the common defence," not a leadership that willingly gives to those who wish to undermine our democracy.

I say to all Americans, you must see we have a problem and be willing to stand for what is right. Our democracy is in imminent danger!

It is time for us the people to take back our government.

We must stand shoulder to shoulder, rally peacefully in the streets but we must make our voices heard. Let those who are undermining our democracy see our numbers and fear our reprisal. Let their ears ring constantly with our opposition to their attempts to destroy that which we value above all else.

Our change back to the great Republic will not come from those already in office but from those we will replace them with come the next elections. Do not vote for those you are familiar with but with those who preach the changes we need to re-build this country back to where it was.

Shake loose from the hypocrisy of partisan politics and cast your vote for change in the right direction. Denounce socialism, tyranny and this present governing without representation. Shout from the roof tops with your loudest voice, "No more of the insiders' Washington, no more lies, no more deceit, we want our government back!"

Be firm and united. Do not wait for change, institute it. Stand tall and firm in the greatness of our Founding Fathers' who mutually pledge to each other, as we must do to ourselves, our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor to uphold our rights and liberties that belong only to us.

Never forget, it is we the people who must put an end to this betrayal of our trust, this insanity, this corrupt abuse of our government, and it is we the people who must regain back our rights and freedom of a government by, of, and for the people.

God bless America!

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